10 Ways Print Marketing Can Boost Your Small Business

What is Print Marketing?

In the digital age, more and more businesses are online only, both with what they sell as well as their marketing strategies. While having a strong internet presence is crucial for any business, it doesn’t mean the printing presses have to be stopped any time soon. In fact, a start-up can add real value by applying print marketing techniques to its business. This article looks at ten of the best ways to use print marketing to boost small business success. 


Stickers are an underrated tool to promote businesses. They are cheap to make, easy to distribute, and can attract lots of eyeballs to your logo. Consumers love stickers as a way to differentiate their generic water bottle or laptop with something personal. 

A great tip to boost your brand awareness further when using stickers as a marketing tool is when your sticker is tagged on social media, a small goodie can be awarded or a competition entered. This spreads talk of your brand quicker than wildfire and is a great way of interacting with customers.

Stickers on laptop

(Stickers are a great way to engage with your customers)

Business Cards 

Business cards are an age-old way of promoting both the model professional and businesses themselves. They can be produced in bulk so there’s no excuse for any small business not to use them as a cheap way to spread the word of your company. 

Not every business card is created equal, however. For tips on creating the perfect business card, check out our guide here. 

silk laminated business card

(Purpose Printery has some incredible business cards available. Including these silk laminated cards.)


While brochures have been around for as long as marketing itself, they can be lost to more flashy types of marketing in the digital age. But the humble brochure shouldn’t be forgotten. You can modernize this printed marketing idea to promote your business by getting rid of tedious text and concentrate on big, beautiful images, both of your company and the emotional response that’s linked to your products. Do this with your social media handles and you’ve got a winner. 


Okay, okay, we know t-shirts aren’t going to be produced in the same volume as business cards, but they can be seen by just as many people as long as they have the right design. Making the t-shirt trendy or humorous means customers will actually want to wear it, whether they’re already brand loyalists or not! 

It’s also an easy thing to market. Say you’re an up-and-coming photographer. What better way is there to market your company than with an awesome landscape printed on a recycled cotton shirt? Combine this with your well-designed logo and then give this away at an event, say, a photography club at a college campus - it’s worth a shot! 

Loyalty programs 

A loyalty card is an easy way to get customers through your doors. Maybe you have a small café, there’s no better way of ensuring you have a stream of regular customers than offering a free coffee with every nine purchased.

Loyalty Program payment

(A loyalty program means customers are more likely to come back for more)

 According to Forbes, loyalty card members spend on average £34.28 more than traditional shoppers. Not only that but they might bring their friends along, too - just make sure to also give them a card and you’ll be the next Starbucks in no time! 


Having a stand-out poster is one of the best ways to use printed marketing material for your business. So long as the poster is visually appealing, it can be seen by so many people if well-placed on a busy street or at the fair. With a really impressive poster, you can give these away to potential customers and you might be surprised at how many adorn bedroom walls! Either way, they are a really cost-effective way of using printed marketing even in the digital age. 


If you really want to push the boat out, magazines are the ultimate way of using print marketing in getting your message across. It can be a more expensive option, so it’s best to ensure the quality of your printed marketing material. Use high-quality images and relevant information. If printing in small batches, make sure your target audience is reached. There’s no point spending loads of money on advertising your driving instructor business, only to deliver your glossy mags to an old folks’ home. 

Custom Magazine

(Having your own magazine can really show you mean business)



Sending a glossy postcard in the mail can be a powerful marketing tactic in getting your message across. With big pictures and stand out text, postcards can attract new customers as they sift through their mail. A good idea is to send these out to highlight seasonal events or big trends - think a Christmas special you are offering - this can incentivize potential customers to check out your products before the promotion has gone, or the holiday is over. 

Branded Gifts 

Everybody loves a freebie, so handing out useful products at no cost is a guaranteed way to make you popular and attract customers. Any useful product can be a marketing strategy that works for you. A pen with your logo on will remind the user of the awesome products you sell every time they use it. Customers aren’t just thankful for the water bottle you gave them, every time they use it your brand awareness has just increased thanks to everybody who sees it. While it may have relatively high initial costs, branded gifts are a sure way of getting your business off the ground. 

Event Products 

Business cards and stickers are all well and good but can be a bit small to turn heads, especially at events, like festivals and fairs. For the ultimate show-stopper, we suggest a Stand Banner to really get people’s attention. Purpose Printerys’ goes up to 32” X 71” giving you instant brand recognition for miles around. 

Another great event product is installing a yard sign at your event. Having your logo blown up to up to 36” X 24” signals you're not playing games at the local fair. 

To Conclude 

Print marketing can be a powerful tool in the arsenal of any business, big or small. From business cards to printed tees, there are plenty of ways that print can help your company succeed. Not only does it add an extra layer of authenticity to what you do (a lot more than just having words on a screen), but it also provides customers with something tangible they can hold onto for years to come. Incorporating traditional print marketing into your marketing strategy is key - whether that means using postcards as part of customer retention campaigns or giving a promo gift. Whatever stage your startup may be at right now, think about how print marketing can boost your business. 

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