Everything you need to know: Apparel

Everything you need to know: Apparel

Apparel is everything to a promo marketer. It’s arguably the best way of getting your message across to the public and showing the world what your business is all about. Your company might be looking to reward a  loyal customer with a t-shirt in a giveaway,  or maybe you’re interested in designing a sweater that incorporates your company logo. 
As there are so many different promo ideas with apparel it’s only right we have an apparel product to fit every promo need. In this article, we’re going to explore the differences between each product to decide which is best for your business. 


The Classic - Premium Cotton T-Shirts


A cotton tee is an essential piece of apparel for every closet. We made sure our premium cotton t-shirts are as soft as possible to keep the wearer feeling comfortable all day long. There’s loads of space on the front of your t-shirt for your logo, and there are endless possibilities with how you create the design. The classic is made from 100% cotton so quality is completely guaranteed. The premium cotton t-shirt is available in five different colors, giving the wearer a fresh tee for every day of the week. 

Premium cotton T-shirt

This cotton t-shirt is an amazing all-rounder when it comes to style and comfort.


Going eco - ‘Allmade’ Unisex Tri-Blend Tee 


While a classic cotton t-shirt will always be popular, there is a growing demand for recycled and sustainable products. It’s why our ‘allmade’ tri-blend tee makes so much sense. It has all the benefits of a cotton shirt - snug and comfy while being long-lasting, but is a game-changer when it comes to environmental protection. The t-shirts are made from up to six recycled plastic bottles - not only is this great for mother nature but can be another incentive for customers to buy your t-shirt rather than a more polluting alternative.
The recycled bottles make up 50% of the unisex tri-blend tee’s blend. US-grown cotton (organic, of course) is 25%, the same as Tencel™ Modal. At $15.99, is a high-quality, eco-friendly t-shirt that won’t break the bank. We also have a female fit for the tri-blend. Both have the same brilliant attention to detail, such as 1x1 rib knit neck, shoulder to shoulder taping, and side seams. 
Eco-Friendly Shirts

Just like the cotton t-shirt, the tri-blend is available in a range of colors.


Crewneck Sweatshirts 


The crewneck sweatshirt is our most popular sweatshirt. It’s easy to see why - it’s so comfortable customers will be counting down the days till fall so they have a chance to wear it again! The stitch detail and 80% cotton blend (heather 75%), means that this sweatshirt is of premium quality. This sweatshirt can be the ultimate way to promote your brand on college campuses as it would be loved by every student! There are also five colors to choose from for this apparel item, so there’s a perfect sweater for any personality. 

Crewneck Jacket

This soft heather color is an amazing choice to promote your brand.


Eco-Friendly Fleece Sweatshirt


This is the most versatile and comfortable sweatshirt we’ve ever produced. If that wasn’t enough, the fleece sweatshirt is also the most environmentally friendly one we’ve made as well. It features recycled cotton and polyester while remaining of premium quality. The  ribbed neckband gives it a touch of class and the ribbed sleeve cuffs and hem will be appreciated by every wearer. This eco-friendly sweatshirt is 50% polyester(6.25% recycled), 46% cotton(6.25% organic), 4% rayon while remaining an affordable option as a cool promo product. 
Eco-friendly Fleece sweatshirt

It’s super comfy and sustainable, meaning we can all breathe a little easier!


To conclude 


Thanks to their high-quality and comfortable feel, we think that we have some amazing apparel products suitable for any budget. Whether you’re looking for something classic, like a crewneck sweatshirt, or looking for something a little different, like the recycled blend t-shirt, Purpose Printery has something for everyone. What’s more, there are no minimum orders at our store. This means that if you want just one of any apparel items, such as for a giveaway in a social media competition, this is something we can provide without any problems. 

If you have any questions or queries about our apparel items or any of our other products available in our store, please feel free to contact us. While this article gives a comprehensive breakdown of all our apparel products, we have something similar where we look at all your business card options, to see other ways Purpose Printery can help with your printing needs. 

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