Recycled Tote Bag

How Promo Bags Can Boost Your Business

It’s in the bag! 

Did you know that Purpose Printery has just dropped a whole new selection of bags?! To celebrate the arrival of some awesome new products, we thought it would be a great idea to give you info on what bag might be best for your business or start-up as a great promo idea initiative. In this article, we’re going to explain the different types of bags, and how you can make the most of this new marketing tool for the ultimate way to zip up your competitors. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of tote bags or you prefer a duffel as a marketing strategy. Not only does Purpose Printery have plenty of options, but they’re also environmentally friendly and of great design. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out how using bags as a marketing tool can help to carry your business to the next level. 


Cosmetic Bags

One of our favorites from our new lineup is our first-ever cosmetic bag. This is a perfect way to store make-up and other cosmetics while on the move. Purpose Printery made sure that this cosmetic bag is of attractive design and durable quality. With plenty of space on the front, you’ll blush at how attractive your business will look with this cosmetic bag. 

Marketing Cosmetic Bag

Lipstick, eyeliner, blush (and all other essentials) can be kept safe and secure with this cosmetic bag

Fanny Packs 

Okay, so if you’re being technical, they might not be bags as such, but fanny packs are super handy! Just stick it around your waist and they can be a really useful way to carry around small items. Fanny packs are also a really good marketing strategy. They are usually always visible and at the front and center so will attract lots of attention as consumers do their commute. Stick your logo or company name on, and your ROI will be great! 

Tote Bags

Tote bags are the hot new bag in town. Because they are so popular, we decided to make not one, but two high-quality bags. Tote bags are seen everywhere these days and it’s not hard to see why. Ditch needlessly using plastic bags for a shopping trip and use a more durable and fashionable choice. 

One of our tote bags is made out of cotton. It has reinforced stitching so it can handle any situation. There’s loads of space for your company logo and name, so you can join the consumer for every occasion. 

If you’re feeling a little extra, and what to do even more to help the environment, we can’t recommend this washable kraft paper tote bag highly enough. It has the same look and feels like leather but no animals were harmed in the making of this product! Don’t worry though - because they’re made from heavy-weight paper, you can stick loads of books in it without worrying about a tear. 


Recycled Tote Bag

We have lots of tote bags available, including this canvas design.

Weekender Totes 

Regular tote bags are amazing when it’s time to pop to the shop, and can be a college student’s best friend. But don’t worry, when it comes to weekend trips and a little extra space is needed, we can provide for that market, too. Our new Weekender Totes are of great design and should be of enough space for any quick getaway. The handles are seriously sturdy making them comfortable even if carried for a long time.  

Weekend Tote Bag


This weekender bag is totally awesome! 

Duffle Bags 

Duffle bags are so convenient and handy, it’s something you wonder how you ever lived without them once you’ve got one. Whether it’s to go to the gym or even a short holiday, we think duffle bags are one of the best bags out there.

Bringing the bag to the market

Now that you have found the right bag for you, all that’s left to decide is how to make the best ROI with your new inventory. A handy tip is to partner up with a local business, that have mutual goals as your company. For instance, if you are in the gym supplement industry, you could team up with gyms as a way to spread your message to potential clients. 

Likewise, a really popular idea is to merge the digital world with print marketing. You could run a Facebook competition where the winner receives a tote bag of their choice! This can increase your audience and create loads of interest in your products. Because Purpose Printery’s bags are all great value for money, you can be really confident to receive a good return on your investment. 

One further top tip is to give these away at fairs and events. This can be of even greater benefit than ‘cheaper’ freebies such as pens and keyrings. Why? Because not only do they prove just how cool and generous your company is, but consumers will pack their new bag with all the other goodies. Your brand will be seen throughout the event - all these eyeballs will be worth a lot more than the price of the bags! 


We are so proud of our new collection of bags at Purpose Printery. Like all our products, we ensure they are of the highest quality. Because we intend for these bags to be everyday, we also ensured they are all durable and long lasting. As a result, they make a great return on investment - especially considering the low price you expect at Purpose Printery. We also hope you found our advice on how to market this promo idea. Whether it’s to give in partnership with a local business, a competition, or at an event, there is always an opportunity to showcase your business through the use of a bag. 

For more of our latest products, you can visit our store. If you require further advice you can contact us here, to discuss more ways we can support you and your business. 

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