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My Experience at the Purpose Printery Workshop!

One of the strongest ways to connect with people is through stories. Whether that consists of a good book or a video one thing is for certain - stories capture the attention of an audience. Doing Good Works has turned branded merchandise into a powerful story of transformation and connection through the Purpose Printery Workshop. Purpose Printery is not only a print-shop but a way to provide workforce development experience for individuals who have experienced foster care. 

My workforce development experience was something I will not forget -especially since I got to take home the products I learned how to design and print. Although I enjoy learning new skills, being able to take part in the design and production process of a print shop was not something I thought I would have the opportunity to do. Purpose Printery made it happen. I was also able to bring my own art to life by printing it on a t-shirt with the new skills I learned during the workshop. 


Being able to print my own art onto a tangible product showed me how my art can be printed in many ways and have a positive impact on others. It is not just about the design or logo, it is the uplifting experience that goes along with creating and printing it. The workforce development program is here to give an opportunity to fellow foster youth, to gain the same experience and take this feeling of accomplishment home with them. It is about providing jobs, as well as having a support system. 


As a company, we understand the struggles that many youth face, and we are here to go above and beyond what is expected of us to provide support and opportunity for them. I would describe Doing Good Works as a family. The team goes out of their way to make me, and other employees feel comfortable, free, and expressive of individuality. That is what makes us so much different than other companies. By using our mentorship and eight domains, employees are motivated to go above and beyond, as well as harness our full potential by consistently improving our skills. 


Jordan Bartlett, Co-Founder of Doing Good Works and Purpose Printery, guided the employees through the print workshop, ranging from UV printers, heat presses and DTG apparel printers, and we were able to create our own shirts, reusable bags, and name tags to take home with us after the process. I went home from work that day learning the difference between each type of printer, what materials could be used, and how the ink or graphics would adhere. 


It became a new sense of appreciation for the people who make my clothing as well as understanding the technology behind it. Workforce development training programs are so essential for upcoming generations, especially those who have had a larger disadvantage at the start of their life. Providing this training not only benefited me as an individual but to employers as well knowing that their employee has learned something new to bring to the team.


Coming from someone who has had a difficult upbringing, I can tell you from personal experience that this was the first, and only successful workforce development program that has been offered to me, and it is essential that other companies take on training like this to help build a better, more sustainable future.”


- Tamar Sebesta 



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