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What to think about when: Doing Business Giveaways

Why exactly should I give away my stuff for free?

It may seem that it’s a little counterintuitive to give stuff away for free. I mean, what’s the point? It’s a business, not a charity, after all. Actually, there are plenty of reasons handing out free stuff can really boost your business. This can be through brand recognition, such as more likes on social media or more eyeballs on your products. It can also help with raising brand appeal and just downright boosting sales. Giveaways can be a really good return on investment thanks to all these reasons and more. Besides, everybody loves a freebie! 
In this article, we will discuss everything, from ideas of which products make great promo products, to where to sell. Read on to find out more! 


Is it okay if I just hand out business cards?

Mm, not really. While business cards can help any business be boosted (in fact we have a great article on how they can really help any business), you can be a bit more ambitious with your promo campaign. 
Giving away something like water bottles can be a great way to boost your business’ audience. However, it’s not the best idea to make this freebie one of the cheap, disposable plastic bottles that are thrown away after one use. These don’t have a great return on investment because not many people will see your marketing message before they’re chucked in the trash. Not only this but having a high-quality product means not only does the product attract more attention for longer, but shows the success of your business and paints it in the most positive light. 

Peristyle Water Bottle

We recommend Purpose Printery’s Peristyle water bottles. Their unique design will turn heads towards your logo at the front of the bottle. Also, it has vacuum insulation meaning they will be seeing in every gym, office, and campsite in the land. 

Another good promo idea to use as a giveaway is a tote bag. These are a really good idea, especially at business events - they will be used to carry around other items so will be seen by lots of potential customers. 
A great product to use if you’re looking to use this as a promo idea is this washable kraft paper tote bag. Like the Peristyle water bottle, it’s a real eye turner. It is made from recycled materials so it feels like leather without harming any cows!

 Kraft Paper Tote Bag

Hmm… fancy water bottles and posh bags?! This is starting to sound expensive… 

As we said earlier, using quality items can be worth a little extra initial investment thanks to their longer use and a higher rate of customer satisfaction. At Purpose Printety we also ensure that quality is sold at a reasonable price. Take a look at our store - you may be surprised at how affordable these products are. 

If you’re still not sold on freebies you can use just one for use as a competition rather than loads at an event, and this can also be really successful. Unlike many of our competitors, Purpose Printery doesn’t have a minimum order. If you like the look of one of our products to be used as a single-use giveaway, you aren’t forced to order any more than you need. So if you’re on a budget, don’t worry! We have you covered. 

What you can do is organize a competition on social media, where the winner receives one of these promo items. It can be a brilliant way to grow your business online - just like the page and share the post and voila! So many new potential curious clickers will see your online shop or services. 


What about in the real world, what should I do?

Earlier we hinted at giving away tote bags at events, and this is a great place to start. Business events attract people from all different walks of life. They are an amazing way to connect with potential customers, who may provide an insight into how your business is performing, what’s selling and how things can be improved. Giveaways at these events can be a great way to entice people to your store. You can ask for a little something in return, such as a survey to analyze how your business is doing or ask for their email address so customers can be kept informed on your latest products and sales. 

Something else you may consider is giving freebies out at places where your potential customers are likely to visit. For example, this Trucker cap might be a perfect freebie at a sporting event. Giving away a free water bottle at a college campus is like money in your pocket. 

Okay, I’m sold. Anything else I should know?

We think a mix of online marketing and attending real-world events is a great way to combine the strategies to make the most of your free promo ideas. Make sure your logo and brand name are visible so other consumers can see exactly which awesome company provided that amazing product! If you are looking to promote your giveaways at an event, we highly recommend this X-Stand Banner.

X-stand Banner

Customers will flock to your store and can really make all the difference. 
As always it’s the quality of your product that can help your business stand out from the rest. Not only should you pick high quality products like the examples we gave, but also make sure your design team are on the top of their game. By doing this, we are confident your company will really benefit from giving away promo items. 
Purpose Printery are always happy to help start-ups, so if you have any questions or want further information, please feel free to contact us. 

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