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What to Think About When: Selling at a Business Event

I’m trying to grow my business. Are there any tips you can give me?

As a business owner, you may be wondering what the best way to increase your conversion rates and boost sales is. There are numerous marketing strategies that can help with this, but one of the most effective solutions is having a pitch at a business event. While it’s easy to see why - increased exposure for your company and products, greater, social media presence, and feedback from consumers - what’s more challenging is knowing how to make the most of these event opportunities. There’s so much to think about. From the events you should go attend, which giveaways you should consider, and how to promote your stand, it’s hard to know where to begin. Thankfully you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to go through these issues to make the most of business event opportunities. 


These events seem stressful. How exactly will they help my business?

Business events can deliver multiple benefits for any business, large or small. However popular some contemporary forms of marketing are; such as social media ads and other forms of digital marketing, a physical event can deliver in ways other marketing strategies can not.  If you're looking for a creative way to improve your conversion rates and generate more revenue then we recommend holding a business event!

Business events are filled with experts and fellow professionals who will be keen to test your product. Their feedback can provide you with the necessary information that can raise your business to the next level. This detailed analysis is something that a quick Facebook comment can’t compete with. What’s more, you can see who your competitors are and which specific products/services they provide and what promo ideas they offer. 

Business Event

Networking is just one important tool business events can provide.


Going back to social media, you shouldn’t believe that just because you are in a physical space, doesn’t mean you have to separate yourself from your digital presence. Not only can you share lots of photos and videos of your day on Instagram and TikTok, but there are other ways to use business events to grow your digital audience. You can launch competitions where a giveaway is awarded to a random guest who shares a photo and location of your stand. You may be surprised how many people will share a pic and tag your stand if you give away lots of freebies - what is social media for if not to make friends sick with envy at the great things one’s attending?!

Blimey! Now I have to give stuff away?! 

There are no rules saying that you must have freebies at your business event, but it is recommended. Think about it: what will your potential customers think if your competitors have a bunch of pens or even t-shirts available for anybody to grab and your stand has nothing but big dollar signs above everything! But don’t think you’re not gaining anything from these freebies. Your return on investment can be substantial thanks to these giveaways. You can give away large quantities of cheaper items such as water bottles for anybody to take - these can have your marketing message on to promote your business. A second idea is to have limited quantities of higher value items. Enter a competition to win a t-shirt - so much interest can be generated from this! These are just a few examples of a successful giveaway at an event. For more freebie advice, check out our specialized giveaway article

Custom Snapback

Free snapbacks can make your Snapchat go wild!

So I shouldn’t sell anything at an event?

Not at all! Selling products can be what these events are all about! First, they can generate some income. Have lots of products lined-up and marketed nicely and this can pay for the cost of attending the event all by themselves. This is the most obvious reason, but there are other examples. Having products for sale can prove their value to the wider market. For instance, if you’re experimenting with different designs, you can show them off at events before you produce them in mass quantities. If they’re selling well while being surrounded by all your competitors you should have a winner! If something is left on the shelves you can ask for feedback from the consumers at the stalls and find out why. 


That sounds reasonable. I’ll pitch at every event I can! 

Just remember that even if you follow our guidelines, it doesn’t mean you should go to every business event. Carefully consider the theme of the event and the location. For instance, if it’s a food fair, attending this one probably doesn’t make sense if you’re business sells watches. Likewise, there might be an amazing watch event that’s perfect for your business hundreds of miles away. If you’re only selling to local stores you may not generate interest from those who may purchase your products in the short-term. 

Custom Crewneck Jacket

‘Share a pic, and tag our company, and you’ll be in with a chance to win this Crewneck sweatshirt’ is a great way to generate online buzz about your business

Noted. Anything else?

Another thing to bear in mind when selling at a business event is promoting your stall. Think about it: you’re at the right event for your company, and you have the perfect selection of freebies and paid products. But nobody is attending your stall. This can be incredibly disheartening but this isn’t because nobody likes your products or services. You have to promote your stall in order to generate consumer interest. You can do this by investing in a banner to gain attention and also to prove the professionalism of your company. Purpose Printery has you covered when it comes to banners and signs. A great way to get started at promoting at events is to invest in the X-Stand Banner. This is budget-friendly without cutting costs. Not only can you choose between matte vinyl and double white pop-up, but also the size. The 24” x 63” will help your stall gain attention, but it’s the 32” x 71” that will have everyone flocking to see what you’re business is all about! 

If you’re really getting serious about promoting your business at events, we suggest taking the next step and going for the deluxe retractable banner stand. Because it’s retractable you can transport it without any stress. While you can print just one sided, you may find going for double sided makes the most sense as your business brand will be seen from all over! You can also choose between vinyl and fabric depending on how you want your banner to look. Either option is sure to gain lots of attention thanks to its 33” X 81” size. 

Retractable Event Banner

The X-Stand is the ultimate banner at events, thanks to it’s retractable design

I’ll definitely order one of each. Where do I order from?

You can visit Purpose Printery for all your banner and sign needs. Not only that, but if you visit our store, you can see that we have every printing need your company may have. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries you may have. We can’t wait to see your company be the highlight of the show at the next event!  

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