Which Business Card is Right for Me?

Which Business Card is Right for Me?


Which business card is right for me? This is a question that many businesses and professionals have asked themselves at one point or another. There are a lot of different types and styles when it comes to business cards and each with their own unique advantages. At Purpose Printery there are so many options from cotton cards made from recycled T shirt scraps to silk lamination options in nine colors! The choice ultimately depends on what you're looking for: durability versus premium feel; style points vs practicality... But don't fret because we've got something here just right no matter your needs! 


No Nonsense: Standard Uncoated Business Cards

The uncoated business cards are perfect for any business who are looking to give out their card everywhere. Despite being uncoated and unembossed, they still feel great and have a premium look thanks to the super-heavy weight paper. That means that when these are handed out at business events and college campuses, nobody will know they’re the budget friendly option!

Standard Business Cards


Made with high quality paper, there’s nothing budget about the feel of the standard business card. 



Silky Smooth: Silk Business Cards 

Silk business cards can be the smoothest business card option in more ways than one. Their unique, laminated coating adds a touch of elegance that can instantly impress. Taking a silk card from tailed suit jacket is going to make the receiver instantly feel that ‘wow!’ feeling and prove that you mean business! They are are also more tear resistant and water resistant compared to matte business cards. Silk business cards are becoming the standard for the ultimate professional who demand that premium feel.
Silk Laminated Business Cards


Our silk business cards are laminated on both sides for that irresistible feel.


A Touch of Color: Painted Edge Business Cards


Thought business cards were boring? Maybe that was before you discovered the Painted Edge business card! Who knew these humble cards could be transformed into attention-grabbing marketing miracles, thanks to the option of seven pearlescent colors, giving the ‘dripping’ look as they reflect the edge of the card. Anyone who receives this business card will take notice that you or your business is a bit special. We think this style of card is ideal for the creative professional who’s looking for that air of exclusivity. If that’s you then look no further and check out all the colorful option here! 
Painted Edge Business Cards The painted touch adds stylistic flair to your card, whether you go for the engraved or embossed finish.

The Ultimate Professional: Matte Business Cards


If you're looking for something simple yet stylish-looking consider getting matte cards. These cards will allow your name or logo stand out perfectly on top while giving that sleek finish everyone desires. Because they are made with the feel of satin or silk, they are really durable and ready to handle any situation. With it’s luxury matte laminated finish they’re the quintessential business cards for the sleek, stylish, and defined look. Just like the person who carries them. 

Matte Business Cards Add a UV spot to add a focal point to this understated business card. 


Go Green: Cotton Business Cards 


The cotton business card is a step up from the yawn-inducing PVC mundanity that clutter our offices. When taking a hold of the cotton business card, one immediately appreciates its textured feel, and a little extra thickness - making the cotton business card a great choice to stand out from the paper crowd.
With its earth-friendly materials (100% recycled t-shirt scraps!) it's no wonder these cards are so popular among professionals looking to make their mark in this environmentally conscious world we live in today! 


Cotton Business Cards

Cotton can be the difference between a place in the pocket and another card in the trash.

One more thing… 


All our business cards are rectangular in design, making them the perfect fit for wallets. For each design you have the option of printing on one side, or going double-sided if this is what you wish! We are also more than happy to help you design your business card if required. If you would like some further information on what can make the perfect business card please read our Designing the Perfect Business Card article. While we pride ourselves on the quality and range of our business cards, Purpose Printery can help print all your promotional materials. To see our full list of products, vist our shop, and if you have any questions, please let us know how we can help!  

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