About Us

The Purpose Printery is a community-based print shop providing workforce development training in a trauma-informed environment. We provide workshops and job opportunities for young people that have been impacted by foster care.  

The Purpose Printery started with a small UV printer, making name badges for local organizations. We have grown to become a full e-commerce solution for small businesses to purchase their marketing materials efficiently and allow them to support their local communities while doing so. 

We specialize in small run and print on demand orders and our products include:

  • Business cards, postcards, name badges, flyers and brochures
  • Signs, banners, flags, event tents
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats and beanies

Simply find your product in our store, upload your artwork, check out and we will print and ship your order as soon as possible. We are dedicated to providing a great customer experience via email and chat if you have any questions or concerns. 

Our workshops and job opportunities provide our employees with:

  • E-commerce order management training
  • Understanding of various print on demand methods
  • Training printing apparel with DTG, Heat Press and Screen Printing
  • Understanding of customers expectations and world-class customer experience
  • Mentorship from industry experts who have trained in trauma-informed processes
  • Access to the Foster Greatness community and resources

Why Print on Demand

Apparel and promotional products have been printed in bulk for years.  In many cases, a large portion of orders is not used and thrown away, which has a significant impact on the environment.  Print on Demand allows our customers to only order what they know they will use so they do not need to house mountains of inventory and reduce their impact on the environment.  It also allows new businesses to purchase marketing materials without having to invest a ton of money upfront.  

Technology improves every year, and we are dedicated to accessing the best technology in the market to provide a great customer experience while reducing the impact on the environment.