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    When people make a conscious effort to create change, beautiful things can happen, but when business decides to create change, movements happen. 



    Allmade Apparel garments are sourced from organic and recycled materials domestically. A better t-shirt starts with better raw materials.

    Every tri-blend shirt contains the equivalent of 6 plastic water bottles though the use of recycled polyester, 25% of organic, non-GMO, cotton grown in the US, and TENCEL™ Modal made from sustainably harvested beech trees. These three fibers not only produce a luxuriously soft shirt, but are better for the environment as well.

    In addition to the direct impact to the environment, the organically sourced materials are shipped to Haiti to be sewn into shirts and shipped back to the US for sale. This humanitarian effort was put in place to provide a dignified living wage to fight generational poverty in Haiti.



    Re-Tee is made from 100% recycled fabric and never is re-dyed. Sixty percent of the shirt comes from recycled cotton scraps and the other 40% comes from recycled polyester. Because the shirts are never re-dyed, the water-intensive dying process is eliminated. Doing good for the planet feels as good on the inside as it does on the outside.




    Alternative Apparel offers a wide range of apparel for men and women in our exclusive soft eco-fabric, organic, pima, and many other unique fabrics and styles. The garments are crafted with sustainable materials and processes, including organic and recycled materials, low-impact, and water-conserving washes. 

    Organic Cotton
    Approximately 60K lbs. of organic cotton used annually in place of conventional cotton.

    Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester
    Approximately 1.8M plastic bottles recycled annually used in Alternative Eco® fabrics.

    Eco-Friendly Packaging
    2,100 trees, 400 cubic yards of landfill, 860k gallons of water and 120 tons of CO2 conserved annually.

    Low-Impact Dyes
    Low-impact dyes, biodegradable fabric softeners and washes with reclaimed water.